Freebielicious Partnering with Educents...AGAIN!!

Are you ready for Back to School? Yay!! NO? That's not possible! After all, you had all summer off to do nothing right?

BWHAHAHA!!! We know better than that! If you are like most teachers you have been reading and learning nearly all summer, preparing your new classroom (or at least planning in your head), and missing your kiddos from last year. Right?

I love this time of year! It's so exciting - for teachers and students alike. And kindergarten is of course the BEST grade EVER! As a mom and a teacher, I always love hearing what new kinders think of school. Check out this super cute video asking new kinder kids about their first day of school:

Yes - back to school is a wonderful time. However, it can also be a little STRESSFUL.... ooopsss - I said the "S" word! Don't worry. Me and my girls at Freebielicious have teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you to make your teacher life less "S" word!

Loaded with great products for back to school including book studies, craftivities, classroom prep, and content materials for back to school!  With 23 instant downloads... you have to check it out!  

You AND your kiddos will love my product that's included! It's one of my best-selling products.
And, yes! Your students CAN love a behavior clip chart. Why? Because it's more of a motivational tool! Kids love seeing how well they can meet expectations (thereby 'climbing the colors'). Everyday students start their day on green - Ready to Learn. According to their choices, they can stay on green, move down, or move up! I always have move students move up than move down. It's a great visual for young children to see how they are doing. And, even if they mess up and move down.....they can recover and move right back up -- which is really what we want...students correcting their mistakes and ending the day on a good note! Plus - it's also perfect for those that are required to keep parents aware of behavior and keep documentation.

For a limited time only,  all 23 amazing Freebielicious products are bundled at $34.99 from Educents --69% off!  Twenty-three products for your kinder and first grade classrooms and over 1200 pages of materials from some of your favorite teachers!  It's a bundle you are sure to LOVE!

Take a moment to take a peek at some of the other teachers featured in this bundle - what that have going on for back to school and what they are featuring in this deal too!

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