Back-to-School with Lakeshore

Are you in love with Lakeshore as much as I am? Seriously - that place is TEACHER HEAVEN! It also can be dangerous to one's bank account too....but who cares about that... ;) Honey - don't check the bank account... it's fine... really! ;)

I love the Lakeshore Learning Store near me. It has everything from teacher materials to classroom decorations to arts & crafts... just everything to make an elementary teacher happy. I've learned over time that it also makes my momma side happy too.... lots of cool toys for birthdays and Christmas - things that make kids use their creativity ---not just poking around on an IPOD.

Recently, Lakeshore contacted me about doing a review for them...something that teachers might be interested in for back-to-school. I was super excited to try something out. I chose the Stretch & Connect Builders for Reagan. They looked like a neat twist on legos and blocks.

First thing: Lakeshore ships so fast! I think we had these things by the end of the week. I was shocked at how quick I got them. Reagan, like any boy, was super excited to see them. As we say in Texas, "He was in hog heaven!" ;) From the moment he saw the package, I knew he wasn't going to let these out of his sight!

And I was right - he didn't! In fact, his older brother couldn't even resist these builders.
In fact, I nearly had to fight to get them to put the builders away and go to sleep that night. :) hehehe

I have to admit... I even got into the action as well... they were so darned intriguing. 
Here is what you get....

You get these big straw like things.... called connecters. They bend and twist and locked into these plastic pieces of different sizes and shapes. It even comes with wheels to make vehicles. Your mind quickly gets to thinking of all these things you could make with the pieces.

Oh man... I not only saw Reagan make such wonderful things ....but he was using fantastic vocabulary while doing it. Anyone who says..."We can't PLAY with blocks in my kinder classroom." -- YES YOU CAN! And if your principal says no - take in research showing how academic BLOCKS can be. Reagan was counting, making shapes (2D and 3D), problem solving, using vocabulary and creativity by the bucketful!! 

He was also having fun and.... to him, THIS was meaningful!

Look at some of the many things he did with these blocks.....

Great fine motor work for little hands!! Plus, he loved that he didn't have to be gentle with these blocks. He could be a rough and tumble boy!

Look at that intense focus!

 Looks at that cube!!     

YEAH - Helicopter!!

YES!! This is my favorite picture! What creativity and problem solving!! These blocks are not only wonderful at home. They would be ideal for a kinder/1st classroom. If you don't use blocks during your center time....think about recess! How many kids would love to create during recess time!

Lakeshore is an amazing company that really makes our jobs as teachers and parents easier. And, they are having a Back-to-School Sale (now through Aug. 31) at Lakeshore Learning Stores nationwide featuring doorbusters up to 50% off and special in-store coupons! Or shop online at!  


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