The Mitten (Giveaway)

Hi Friends! are you enjoying winter? heheheh - don't slap me... It was a joke, really.. :) Here in Texas it's been pretty cold and miserable, but I know nothing compared to the majority of the country. I can't even fathom temperatures and windchills in the negatives!!!

Snow really is a beautiful weather event (if you are safe at home of course). We don't get nearly enough here. Reagan keeps asking when it's going to snow......

So I think it's a perfect time for me to show you my "The Mitten" unit and host a giveaway. Do you totally love the Jan Brett book, The Mitten? It's one of my absolute favorites and is always a big hit in the classroom. It's about this boy who loses a mitten. Then, a series of animals squeeze into the mitten to keep out of the cold weather. In the end, all the animals burst out of the mitten.....which is by then stretched WAY out of shape.... hehehe --- it's funny and a great way for kids to connect with this wonderful season. :)

The Mitten

Here are some sneak peeks into this unit.....
This is an activity for measuring area -- using snowballs! (yes they are actually cotton balls, but the kiddos love use them and pretending they are snowballs)....

 These pieces are wonderful! I have kids make retelling headbands by gluing the pieces in sequential order on a long sentence strip. Easy peasy can wear it home and them tell the story to their families!

Sorting cvc - real and nonsense words....then record them!

Here is a great phonemic awareness activity - Sound Spotting...where do you hear that sound?

And an emergent reader that matches the book (but at an easier level). It prints as a double book which makes it easier to print for your class! :)

Now - could you use this unit? I hope so!

Check it out here:

Well you have a chance to win it!! I made it beyond easy. I am just asking you to follow me on TpT and Facebook to enter this giveaway - that's it!!! So.....what are you waiting for???? ENTER!! :)

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