Salt Painting

We have been having so much fun over our break doing easy art/crafty projects! Emphasis on the easy!!!! Tonight we decided to try salt painting. I found 2 wonderful posts showing how to do it. Take a look over at The Moffatt Girls and Juggling With Kids for more info. They did a great job and really inspired me to give it a try!

It is super easy, super fun - but it's all about the process because you won't want to save it. TAKE PICTURES and enjoy the activity with the kids. After the paint dries it looks kind of bleh...... but it's such a great activity. My kiddos wanted to do picture after it was a definite hit! Again - I love this activity even more because it all about the process....It's so important that we take time to do "process" projects and not always worry about making a product.

Here's what you need:

*constructions paper
*white glue
*table salt
*food coloring
*small containers

1. Use the glue to draw a picture on the construction paper. We drew snowflakes and Reagan's name. 
2. Pour table salt onto the picture. Shake the salt around the paper like cover all the glue. Then, shake the excess salt in the trash. 

3. Dip a paintbrush into a paint container. I used rubber baking cups because I had them laying around. I added 5-6 drops of food coloring to a few tablespoons of water. We talked about how to make colors like purple and orange.
4. Tap the salt with your paintbrush. You will see your kids' eyes LIGHT UP. Not only was Reagan astounded by the paint "chasing" the 13 year old daughter Bailey was just as excited. It is almost like magic to watch the food coloring to spread across the salt. The whole time I heard "Wow", "Oh look what happened", "Watch this!"...... A good time was had by all... yes even me!

Here is a glimpse into our salt painting evening..... :)

 This was a really great fine motor activity. Reagan worked hard squeezing the glue out to make just the perfect picture. Then, he worked carefully to tap the food coloring onto the salt -- without pushing too hard into the glue.