Real Snow.....(well almost)

I wanted to show you a real simple activity I did with Reagan today....before he came down sick. :(

I've told you before that my little 5 year old, Reagan, is in love with snow.... he remembers when it snowed here last year and has been not-so-patiently waiting for it to return. I found this idea for making fake snow at Growing a Jeweled Rose. It looked simple enough and we've used shaving cream paint before (and loved it) so we decided to give this a shot!

This is probably the simplest thing to make. It literally takes 2 ingredients! baking soda and shaving cream. We had both of these already at the house so we were ready to get going and didn't spend a dime on it!

 You just mix the 2 together! I used a 1 lb box of baking soda. I used maybe 3/4 of a can of shaving cream. I didn't measure anything. We just mix until it felt right. This was also a great way for me to talk to Reagan about what was happening.... when the mixture got too wet, Reagan would figure out we needed more dry (baking soda)....if it was too dry and turning to powder, we'd use more wet (shaving cream).

See - you can see in his eyes, he was starting to feel bad. :(

 But, look at his intensity. He was sooo "into" this snow!

 Ah...yes! A snowball!!! He worked so hard figuring out how big he could make the snowball.

He was so proud of his snowball!

Here - he was working on making double snowballs at the same time. He quickly realized that you need 2 hands to make a really good snowball - to pack it down.....

We loved the naturally cold feeling of this "snow".... YES! It really IS cold! It's also so silky smooth so it's a great sensory activity. Reagan loved the texture... HECK! I LOVED the texture and found myself constantly playing with it.... Reagan played this all afternoon.

This would be a great fun activity to do in the classroom after reading The Snowy Day or The Mitten

Here's the only sad thing.......... shortly after Reagan started running a fever... :( Look at my sick baby....:(


  1. Aww! Hope he feels better! I love this idea...we are talking about the 4 seasons next week and I might have to use this for winter :)


  2. What a great mommy! Thanks for sharing the SNOW recipe! I am going to do it tonight with my little man. Hope he feels better soon!!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog