Snow Puffy Paint

I'm so thankful my little Reagan is feeling much better. So, today we made snow paint! This is another WAY simple activity to do in celebration of winter. Not only did Reagan love making snowflakes and snowmen using the puffy paint, the whole rest of my crew loved it as well....yes - even the big kids! By the time we were done my kitchen was plum full of kids... :) If this can hold to attention of big mean teenagers, that is something special! It made my momma heart proud... :)

This paint is really cool! It looks like a super light frosting, but it dried puffy. Reagan was so tempted to try it since it really looked like frosting, but he didn't... :) Here he is smelling it because we included some peppermint extract in it....YUM!

So here is what you need. You probably can find the stuff you need between your house and school.......yeah you know you steal stuff from home for these type things!

Elmer's Glue
Shaving Cream
Iridescent Glitter (optional) - if you want it to be glittery
Peppermint Extract (optional) - if you want it to smell yummy
Construction Paper
Paint Brushes - although my daughter discovered that a spoon actually works better

How To Make It: 
Mix equal parts of white glue and shaving cream. We didn't measure anything. We just mixed it until it was well mixed. It won't really feel puffy. It gets puffy as it dries which is COOL and your kids will be super surprised! We used a whole 7oz. bottle of glue and probably 2 cups of shaving cream. Then, we mixed in glitter and a wee bit of peppermint extract. Reagan loved mixing it, but he did kind of slop it. You may want to do the mixing or put it in a bigger bowl. He was crazy with the mixing, but he had such a good time. He felt like he was helping me bake something... :)

That's it! Then, simply use the mixture as paint... We painted snowmen, snowflakes, and even our names!

We used construction paper to make the pieces for the snowman. It sticks right to the paint - no extra glue needed!

Look at that smile on Reagan's face! Even big sister, Bailey had to get in on the action!

 I had Reagan cut the pieces for the snowman himself. He had to think about what color made sense and he free cut the pieces. I think sometimes we get too caught up in things looking "cute" instead of the process that kiddos go through in making them. I wanted him to do his own thinking about how to make the snowman's nose, hat, boots, and buttons.... He noticed that this nose was too big, but he liked it! The paint is puffy but doesn't really weigh the paper down and it doesn't don't worry!!

The finished products! 



  2. Fun! I want to see it dry puffy...I can't wait to give it a try!! I'm featuring this on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page too!