Class Tour

I know one of the things I love most is seeing other teachers' classrooms. I get some many ideas to try out in my own classroom. 
Here is my word wall. This picture was taken early in the year as you can probably tell. There aren't many words on there. :0) It's packed now!

As you walk in my room and look the left, this is the view.

Here is the behavior clip chart. Love this gem!! Everyday my kids start on green and hopefully work their way up........ To the right of the clip chart is my pocket chart center. To the left is our class restroom. YUCK!

This is an aerial view of my classroom from my door. 

Another view into my classroom from the door.

This is word study center. You can see my mailboxes to the right of the word study center.

We have LOTS of big books. I love having this many big books, but WOW they take up TONS of room!

My writing center is right below the word wall. I love having writing here because they need direct access to those important words!

Here are 2 of our students computers. I have a total of 7 in the classroom. I love having the technology, but again they take up alot of room.

Here is my junk central. I didn't even clean to take the pictures. I figures you'd appreciate seeing it in all it's realistic glory! This is command central :0) I wished......I hardly sit down unless I'm doing guided reading.

Another computer I use mostly for our intervention program. It is behind my table area to keep the child focused and not concerned with what they others are doing...

This is the back counter area. It is also home of retelling center. 

This is a shelf where we keep materials. The yellow tubs are for self-selected reading and guided reading books. The other colored tubs contain community crayons, scissors, glue, etc. We also hold our dry erase boards and markers here.

On the left, but to the right of the clip chart, you can see our schedule on the red pocket chart. Everything we do everyday is on here. As we complete an activity, we turn over the card for the day. Each morning I have a student turn them all over and ready to go. 

Here is overhead center. The kids pull the overhead out when they are using it and shine on a metal filing cabinet. 

This is our math tubs shelf. There are 10 math tubs that are currently in use at any given time. My kids work in partners during math tubs. The random colored tubs near the bottom contain manipulatives that are not currently in use. I switch out materials as we change math tubs.

Here is the center chart. I have students work in partners during center time (3 if there's an odd number). Notice my chart shows a literacy center AND math tub. The purple cards are literacy centers and the blue cards indicate what math tub they have. I rotate the center cards - not the kids.

Here is the blocks center. Notice the bluish-green tape borders the area. That helps students know the boundaries of their center. 

And, here are 3 more student computers for centers.

Here are where we store the other yellow boxes for their self-selected and guided reading books.

Here is my whole-group area. I just LOVE my ocean carpet......

Well, what do you think? It's not fancy. It's not the most beautiful classroom you've ever seen. However, it effective and practical -- just the way I like it!!


  1. I love the idea of the tape for boundaries....if only my room was big enough for stations like that...I barely have enough room for my desks!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am a first year teacher and love seeing how other teachers do things! I love the idea of talking of their boundaries, I am going to use that idea!

  3. Your room is HUGE!!! I'm so jealous! ;-)

    My current room is not very big, but next year it will be even worse. I'm changinig schools and that classroom is even smaller than I have now! I'm going to have to be very creative with space planning.

    Thanks for sharing. I love seeing pics of classrooms.

    Teaching Little Miracles

  4. Thank you for sharing your classroom! I gained some awesome ideas too! I need to find a better way to organize which math station my kids go to and I think the pocket chart idea would be great. I just need to figure out where to put it. I like that their pictures are used with that too!

    Kinder Krazy

  5. Thanks for the pictures! I also LOVE virtual classroom tours! :) Your pocket chart stand reminded me of something I saw on Pinterest. I think the reason this DIY pocket chart stand works better is because it is wider than the pocket chart. Here is a link to one.

  6. Beautiful room! I LOOOOVE looking at classrooms! I just posted pictures of my room..come check it out!! Thanks!!-Danielle-

  7. I love looking at all of these pictures! I love the idea of having the tape on the floor to create boundaries. Your room is so cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing! :)