Jellyfish and Octopuses! Oh my!

We are so busy in the classroom learning about the ocean and the critters that inhabit it. I wanted to share a couple of projects we've done this week.....


The kids LOVED making these jellyfish....They were astounded to learn that jellyfish have no head -- it's just a belly with brain, no eyes, no heart.....but yet it moves and grow, eat and reproduces. Fascinating stuff!

clear plastic cups (I got mine 10 for $1 at Dollar Tree)
Sharpie permanent markers in a variety of colors
curling ribbon
bubble wrap

How to Make:
Color the inside of the clear plastic cup. It's just easier to color the inside so the ink doesn't smear and get everywhere. Then when it's finished the kids can hold without fear of getting marker all over them. I encouraged kids to color their jellyfish anyway they wanted to. Jellyfish come in all colors so it was perfect -- it also made each one so unique. 

Tape a rectangular piece of bubble wrap inside at the top (bottom of the cup). The bubble wrap only needs to be about 4 inches by 2 inches (these are the jellyfish's arms that are inside it's belly). Then allow the kids to tape about 10 tentacles to the inside edge of the cup all around.... Make the tentacles as long as you wish. I didn't measure them so many were different lengths (just like a real jellyfish).


9X12 inch construction paper in variety of colors
2 round circles (or googly eyes if you prefer)

How to Make:
Wrap a sheet of construction paper round hot-dog style (long ways) until the end are barely touching and tape at the top and tape about 2-3 inches down. You have made a long cylinder. Then, cut 8 long slits up the cylinder to where the second piece of tape is. Make sure you have 8 strips as an octopus has 8 legs. Kids use a marker or pen and curl each arm up and then let go. The arm stays curled. 

Glue 2 large circle on the head and place a black dot in the middle. I ran a piece of curling ribbon through the top for a hanger. I got this idea from HERE. She gave great directions. I adjusted and changed what I made by her directions will definitely get you going!

I hope this gives you a couple of fun ideas to try with your ocean unit!


  1. I can't wait to try these cute ideas w/my class next week. Thanks for sharing your creativity!