When I grow up......

Hiya peeps! I've gotten kind of lazy about posting since I've been on Spring Break, but I am totally enjoying my time off with the kiddos. Last week was a fantastic week at our school. It was College Week - a week when we talk about college and our future.... basically we learned about lots of jobs and  made the decision about what we want to be when we grow up. Super fun!!!

Of course, we decorated for this special event too. 

Here is my entryway to my classroom. The sign says, "Class of 2025". That sounds so far off, but it's really not. Kind of creepy......makes me feel old :0) I just covered my doorway with white butcher paper and cut strips. Then I stapled these cute graduation hats (they have the kids' names on it with glitter). The kids loved this so much they were super careful not to damage it. 

If you like the little sign - here it is -- GRAB HERE!

Here is my door. My district publishes a children's book about going to college and how it's a "road to success". I kind of played off that and we made a roadway. The kids chose a car - colored it to make it their own and helped me put their car on the "road to success".

And my door.....

We made these super cute graduates - The kids were told to make it really look like them. We had talked about skin color and diversity in January so it was so easy for them to understand what they needed to do to make their graduate look just like them. 

During the week, we also wrote about what we wanted to grow up to be. The kids hand wrote what they wanted to grow up to be and I placed those sheets in their Pride folders. However, I typed each one up using their words and placed on our graduates. 

My 2 favorites were:
The girl who said she wants to be a "cop so I can save the day"! (And the little girl said it with lots of enthusiasm and jazz hands!)
My other favorite was the boy who wants to be Peter Parker because Peter Parker gets to be Superman!

I then took each child's picture using a lovely red frame that said, "I am going to college!" I borrowed this frame from my teacher-friend, Sandra. Thanks, Sandra!! I LOVE the way it turned out!

Here are a few other doors from around my school:
This was really cute. It has a cut-out where the kids stick their faces for pictures!

Some great doors, huh?

One of the really memorable activities we got to participate in was when a fireman came to tell us about his job. He also let us try on his cool gear - which was the most AWESOME part!

And our thank yous!!!

What do you do at your school to get even your youngest kiddos thinking about their future?


  1. I love this post! It is so fantastic to have kinders looking ahead to college. Their future is so bright!

    I just love all the door decorating ideas! The road was a great one to play off the book! Love it!

    I was hoping you could add to your freebie with a blank year one so that I could update it yearly as I am not in the classroom until the fall. I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!


  2. We do this in the Fall, but just for a day. Super fun. I noticed all of the colleges are close to me! I was wondering what district you are in? I work in LISD. :)


  3. SO precious! We do a lot to encourage college and we call our students "scholars" instead of students. I am tickled pink to read this post and use these ideas to enhance that college readiness in our school. :)


  4. Oops! I pasted the wrong link! I feel like a goober brain!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  5. WOW! I know how excited the parents seeing that graduation cap at 2025. Me my self can't wait seeing my kids with the graduation gown. Love it.


  6. Such a cute new blog and what a wonderful post. I am pinning!

  7. Love the updated look, Jeannie! Great post too. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. We talked with our students the week prior to spring break as well. As for class of 2025 it has been a continued topic for our students and partents because we put it on our class t-shirts.


    Thanks for sharing the pictures of doors.

  9. Is your district's book available for others? I am looking for a read-aloud that discusses college-readiness and uses elementary language.