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If you are like me, you try to stay up-to-date on all the new educational apps for kids. It's a difficult job because there are so many amazing ones out there. There's so many to chose from, some great, some no-so great.

Farfaria contacted me about doing a review of the Farfaria app and I agreed. All opinions in this post are mine. So here goes:

Farfaria is an Ipad storybook app. There are over 600 stories - all fully interactive and 5 new stories are added each week. Can I say that is pretty incredible? I mean....I'm a good mom and we have a good size library for my little ones, but I certainly do not have 600 books in our library. So, right there....the fact that we have access to 600 storybooks at any given moment is wonderful. We don't even have to store them. They are already on my Ipad! Plus there's such a wide variety that my kinder kid through my 6th grader can find stories they love!

 Another great thing about Farfaria is each book is given a "level" which really helps kids choose books based on skill level. Children can choose books they can read independently. They can also read stories that are more difficult and use the "read to me" feature. The reader reads so naturally - no mono-tone, choppy reading. I also love how quickly you "turn the page" - perfect for teaching a young child how to turn pages like a real book.

I LOVE this app! I am totally sold on it! My little dinosaur lover was pleased that there were books he could read easily using his sight word knowledge and there are nonfiction books about dinosaurs, amphibians, insects, and more.

Look - he had so much fun! (ignore the painted fingernails... :) 
He had to try since mom and sister were :)

 Love the intense focus!

This app is a STEAL at $3.99 per month. I love to snuggle up next to Reagan for his goodnight story. He loves this time and he can be in charge of the story we read. In fact, another great thing I love about Farfaria is you can actually download the app and get a FREE story everyday without paying a dime!!! That's terrific!! But trust me you will love the app so much, you'll shell out the $3.99 to have unlimited access - totally worth it!

Check out some wonderful screenshots from this amazing app:

Check out the Farfaria app HERE!
Check out the Farfaria website for more info HERE!

Now here's the really fun part!! The Farfaria people are wonderful and are allowing me to have a giveaway so one of YOU can win a 6 month subscription to Farfaria for FREE!!! What teacher or mom wouldn't LOVE that?

Kelsey K won!!! Congrats!!

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  1. This is such an awesome giveaway Jeannie! Thanks for the chance to win! :D