Reagan Reading

I'm so proud of Reagan! He is such a super sweet and smart boy. Yes - he takes after his mom. :)

Kids grow so quickly and I get so sad when I think about him being grown. :( So, I love capturing all those precious growing moments. Reagan loves Starfall and he loves reading! He is obsessed with showing me just how good he is.....and of course, as mom, I am always ready and willing to listen to him!

Disclaimer: Reagan is usually shirtless.....Anytime we go anywhere he comes home and yanks off his shirt... So, you will see him shirtless alot! :) hehehe.... Boys will be boys!

We set up a little computer in a nook in the living room for the kids to use. Jaden and Jordan are using Time4Reading in their homeschool program so we needed another computer set up.

Reagan was so excited to go to Starfall - like most 5 year olds! He fell in love with the nursery rhyme, Fuzzy Wuzzy. It's not one I'd ever done with him before so it was new and he loved it.... He played it over and over! You'll notice he was intent (and a little distracted) by making the mouse highlight each word......but a great way to see he definitely has one-to-one matching down!

Here he is reading it! 

He even grabbed his IPOD and recorded the rhyme so he could carry it around with him... hehe :) I wonder if Starfall has an IPOD app? I need to check that out! I checked it out. Starfall does have an app for that! We bought it for $2.99 - not too shabby! :)

Click HERE to check it out!


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