Concentration Cups

Hey guys!

I wanted to share a fun little game I did with my littles today in small groups. Sometimes I wrack my brain trying to figure what I can do to motivate my students. I hate the “zombie” look I get from some of them this time of year. They have other things on their minds….like turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, Yum….oopps I’m getting distracted just thinking about it.  So, I NEED something that is FUN and engaging that also allows me to teach!

Who can use a super simple game that will really motivate the kiddos? ME! ME!          
I know I am always looking for ways to spice up small groups –especially for those highly distractible kids. And this game is even better than that….because once I teach it in small groups, it makes a wonderful literacy center! Woo-hoo!! SCORE!

So, here it is and as promised it’s WAY simple.

Cup Concentration

All you need are cheap foam/paper cups. I used plain white ones because I had them on hand, but this time of year it would be even more fun to use seasonal cups.

I work with kinders and first grade and needed to use the same cups. We played letter concentration with the kinders. I used magnetic letters. We reviewed the names of the letters before we started.  Then, I placed a cup over each letter and mixed them up a bit. When it’s your turn, you lift 2 cups and say the name of the letters (could also do the sounds or even make them tell you a word that begins with that letter for differentiation). If there’s a match, they keep the letters in front of them and go again.

For my firsties, I wrote word wall words on the insides of the cups. We played normal concentration, but I’m telling you those kids went BONKERS for the cups! If they made a match, they got to stack the cups in front of them. They loved seeing how tall their stack could get!

Like I said, I'd totally use seasonal cups to make it even more fun! I've already bought some for next week!

Here is a snippet of the game...It's too cute not to share..... :)

Yes, you heard it right...One of the kiddos said, "We have to hurry because it's almost lunch time!" Hahaha it was 9:30a.m. :)


  1. Thank you for this idea. I can't wait to try it. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this idea! Off to get me some cups ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing! Off to the store to get some cups ;)

  4. Very cute. I will be using this with my little kinders struggling with letter sounds tomorrow.Thanks for the fresh idea.

  5. Very cute. I will be trying this with my kinders struggling with FSF tomorrow. Thank you!

  6. I love simple but exciting! I'm going to do this today!! Thanks.

  7. This is GREAT for those kids who have just started learning their letters and need fluency practice (over and over and over and over, without getting bored) to really own those letters - or words. Plus, it's a great way to use styrofoam cups that sometimes come in as donations (I try not to use them for 5 year olds' drinks - too easy to tip and spill!). Thank you!