Kindergarten Graduation

Whew! It's done and it was 10 months in the making! Graduation time is always bittersweet. Yes summer is a glorious sight, but it's amazing how much you can bond with a bunch of monkeys in less than a year...... So, I thought I'd give you a little peek into our festivities!

Well as I was preparing for graduation, I of course hit up Oriental Trading. They always have what I am looking for and everything I couldn't even think of. What teacher doesn't ADORE Oriental Trading? I wonder if you can buy stock in it? lol

So, for graduation, I got:
*a large colorful graduation banner
*paper graduation hats (like paper lanterns)
*graduation necklaces (like Olympic medals)
I mean I was SET to graduate these kiddos!

Here are the graduation invitations I made. I sealed them with a Kindergarten Graduate sticker!  You should have seen the kids' face when they were getting to take these home. This was probably the first time that it sunk it for them .....and me..... that school was coming to a close....  :0(

If you'd like to grab a set of these FREE kindergarten graduation invitations -- CLICK HERE!! (I mean there's always next year, right? :)

Ok, every teacher know that the end of the year is CU-RA-ZE!!!!! So, come graduation morning, I actually had the kids help me get ready. Who can't use a little good ol fashioned child labor? Plus, they LOVED being apart of decorating for the gradution - trust me -- they weren't complaining! And it helped to take a bit off my plate....Happy teacher, happy class!

How do you like our little graduates we created? Aren't they adorbs??!!!! I got these from my good friend Donna over at Kinderglynn. Love you Donna - they turned out terrific!!!


Here they are on graduation day! We celebrated our year and our friends before the big event! 

And this little monster -- this is Reagan. This is my 5 year old who I get the great pleasure of teaching next year. I can't wait!!! Seriously, is he not one of the cutest kids you've ever seen? (And I say that with complete objectivity of course :)

Here are a couple of real short clips of our graduation practice. We sang two of our favorites (class voted)......Let's see if YOU can recognize them without me telling you!! (I'm sure you can!)

Thanks to Oriental Trading!!
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