This last week was one of the most amazing days I've had being a teacher.....and I've had many. :0)
On Wednesday, my class and my teammate's class had a visit from the children's author/musician, Debbie Clement! Now a physical visit wasn't possible. I live and teach in Texas and Debbie lives in Florida. So, we did a "Skype Visit" and it was truly an awe-inspiring event. We are so lucky to live in a time where "virtual visits" are not only possible, but right in the palms of most teachers.

I was a tad bit nervous about skyping. I've skyped before, but never for an event like this -- but, I gotta tell you -- it was SUPER easy. I just called her up after signing on to Skype - and BAM - there she was! My kids actually liked seeing the process of dialing her up on Skype and her popping on screen. One of my kiddos had experience skyping her dad overseas so it was another great connection.

From the moment Debbie popped on screen she had my kids' enthralled -- and I mean enthralled!!! Her visit was 48 minutes altogether and geesh.....I wished I could keep their non-stop attention for that long. None of my kids wanted to go to the restroom because they were afraid of what they would miss! Now that's engagement! (Don't worry there were no accidents :0)

This was kinesthetic learning at it's best. Debbie kept the kids entertained, learning, and MOVING the whole time. The kids loved following her movements. It really was as good as her being there!

 Debbie is such a fun lady. She reminds me of Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series. She had lots of neat, unusual things to show my crew and taught them wonderful vocabulary -- like quilt, curiosity, jubilation. It was wonderful to see her use of high-level vocabulary in such natural ways. Even after the visit, I heard my kids using those same words during center-time.

Debbie was able to excite the kids with all the fun dancing and singing she did with them. The kids...and Debbie were constantly moving and doing. Her interaction with them was unbelievable. Part of the reason the kids loved her so much was because she took them into her world by showing the quilts that she makes to go with her books.

Did you know that? When she comes up with an idea for a new song, she makes a quilt to go with the song -- and she has turned 3 of them into books! She really showed my kids how authors and illustrators are real people....and that THEY could, in turn, be authors and illustrators too!

Debbie presented each of her books as "surprises" and then the kids were "on the edge of their seats" (actually they were on the floor) to see what her new surprise was......I loved the way she is able to incorporate books, songs, and dancing....With each song, she taught the kids sign language hand movements to go along.....The kids were "speaking sign language" with the songs in no time flat! They just moved naturally along with Debbie....

My assistant principal came into my room during the visit and nearly fell over!! She was in awe herself about how this worked. (I had cleared the visit through my principal so the assistant didn't know). She was so excited as she wrote up my walkthrough evaluation! :0) Needless to say I got all my technology marks there!......and Debbie was doing all the work!

 Before we were done with the visit, we also had a Q&A chat session with Debbie. The kids actually got to come up to the computer and ask her questions. They adored talking to her and having HER answer their questions. They thought up some amazing questions - even better than I would have thought. It's amazing how kids can surprise you.....especially when they are authentically engaged!

It was just simply an amazing visit. I definitely want to work to get her back toward the beginning of school next year. Her songs and books are such a great way to start the year -- just sets a positive, fun atmosphere in the classroom. Then top it off with a "Skype Visit" and it kind of brings it all together now! The kids not only learn about Debbie Clement and how she is an author, they can talk to her and play with her. They also begin to see that authors/illustrators are real people just like them. I wonder how many authors/illustrators that may spark?

Have you ever used technology to talk/interact with any authors? Tell us about it!

Want to know more about Debbie Clement?
Debbie Clement is an author/musician. She has written 3 books and over 100 songs! She blogs over at Rainbows within Reach.


She is going to be the Keynote Speaker for the 'I Teach K' conference this year in Las Vegas. So, if you are going to that conference you can see her speak live. She really is tons of fun!

Freebie Time!!
Do you like freebies? Well of course you do....What teacher doesn't?
Debbie has a freebie for you that is just perfect for the beginning of next school year (you ARE planning right?) It's a song called Going to the Library......a fun little ditty to get your kids excited about going to the library. We sing it every Thursday right before we go to the library. It helps make going to the library a special event! It even has a powerpoint that you can use while you sing it!

Grab yours HERE~!

Giveaway Time!! 
(Yes there's more!)
Debbie is such a sweet heart that she has agreed to allow me to host a super special giveaway of some of her special items. I am WAY excited for this opportunity (love ya Debbie!)......

This is going to be one of the easiest giveaways you've ever seen. 

Here is what you can win:

** 1 of 10 digital downloads of the song "All Together Now" (There will be 10 winners of this!)
This is my favorite song - it's apart of our morning routine every day and would be a great way to start your day too. Start thinking next school year...  :0) 

Here's a peek at my class dancing to it. It's been a mainstay for beginning our school day since last August.

** 1 GRAND PRIZE - a set of Debbie Clement's picture books! If you win this, you will get all 3 of Debbie's picture books that go with 3 of her songs.
 --> You're Wonderful
--> Tall Giraffe
--> Red, White, and Blue
Each book also comes with a CD with it's own song!

(a $59.85 value)

How do I win?
Debbie and I really tried to make it simple for you to enter this giveaway. We want to connect with you so we just want you to follow us on Pinterest and at our TpT stores. Easy Peasy Lemon-Squeezy!
Of course, we would also love for you to follow our blogs, but that's not a requirement! :0)

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  2. Awesome experience! I can't wait for her to join us in Maine next week! Thanks for sharing, Jeannie!

    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

  3. This is awesome. I love how you Skyped with an author!! I know the kiddos were definitely engaged! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  4. I've entered! Fingers crossed that I'll win! YAY!

    Lanier's Lions

  5. Wow! I already sent our Media Specialist an e-mail about having our Kindergarteners do this next year!! I hope I'm lucky enough to be the winner!

  6. I am so thankful for the experiene of Skyping with Debbie! Love your blog post, and the giveaway is a spectacular addition to what you have shared! Love it!
    Maggie's Kinder Corner

  7. Great blog post Jeannie! I am so thankful for the experience of Skyping with Debbie! Can't wait to intro next year's kinders to her :).
    Maggie's Kinder Corner

  8. She came to see us on Thursday! It was awesome! You are right the kids were so engaged!

    Terri Izatt

  9. This is great! Thanks!

  10. I have met Debbie several times and I just love her! We do "All Together Now" very often because it's the perfect length and the perfect amount of activity. What a fun giveaway!

    teaching the littles

  11. What fun and awesome giveaway!


  12. What fun and awesome giveaway! Thanks!