Get Your Booty Moving!!

Since we've been back from Winter vacation my kiddos have been sooooo sllleeepppyy in the mornings. I even makes me want to fall asleep. Since my school's not "down" with "New Year's Nap" (I wished) we are really having to get up and MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT!!

I figure I should share some of my kiddos' favorite MOVE IT videos. Disclaimer: my school allows us to use youtube videos so yes these are from youtube.

First, here is an oldie, but goodie! It will definitely get your kids up and moving!

Well, those are some of our favorites..... I hope you found something you and your kiddos might like. It's so important to keep those bodies active and brain breaks really help keep them more focused and alert during instruction -- PLUS it's so darn fun!!!


  1. These are so fantastic! Thanks for sharing! You should turn this into a linky party. I'd love to see everyone's favorite videos!


  2. My kiddos LOVE Shake Break! They are so funny to watch when the do it. Thanks for sharing the other videos.

    Kinder Kraziness

  3. I still LOVE mmm bop!! haha My students LOVE these brain breaks!! SO FUN!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  4. My Kinders LOVE doing this. We use them for rewards or sometimes during the day after writing... writing really drains my babies!

    I found these on Youtube while teaching summer school. These were lifesavers on those 99 degree days!!!