Math Tubs #3

Here is another little math tub idea that again focuses on addition. Back during December, I purchased some cute name tags from Target (the hang-y ones for gifts). The kids used these cute sparkly name tags to make patterns.

I was putting them away for next year when I realized we could use the snowmen tags for something new! I took the tags and wrote numbers on the backs (1-10).

To Play: The kids spread the cards (tags) face up where they cannot see the numbers on back. Choose 2 cards over and use cotton balls to add. For example: in the photo I turned over 9 and 3. So, I would then take 9 cotton balls and 3 cotton balls. Then, I "touch and count" all the cotton balls back into the math tubs container. You could also allow kids to use the total number of cotton balls to build a snowman. I bet there would be some interesting snowmen!!

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