Math Tub #2

Ok, here is another new math tub I am implementing. Again the purpose is for the kids to begin practicing addition independently.

Materials Needed:
egg carton
plastic colored snowflake confetti(or other manipulative)

Here you use an empty egg cartoon and write numerals 1-10 (you will have to repeat a couple numbers) in the bottom of the individual sections.

You can use any manipulatives (teddy bears, unifix cubes, counters, etc.) but I found some cute plastic snowflakes at Walmart in the seasonal section that come in 3 colors - silver, white, and blue.

To begin, I am using the white and blue snowflakes (later on they will be able to add 3 digits and I will use the third color).

To Play:
Place 2 snowflakes (or other manipulatives) in the egg carton and close. Shake the carton (kids love this) and then open. The 2 snowflakes will land on a number inside the egg carton. Kids will use those 2 numbers to add.

For example, if the blue snowflake landed on 3 and the white snowflake landed on 6 - children will "act out" this problem by lining up 3 blue snowflakes and then lining up white snowflakes below. Then, they will touch and count to find the total.

Again, I am not using recording sheets just yet because I want to keep the focus on the process and not a product!

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