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Hi Freebielicious friends!

Wow! Are you as surprised as I am about how quick this school year is going? hehe Maybe it's just me, but it seems like yesterday it was August! I know...I know.... I live in Texas and many of you have been buried under hundreds of feet of snow and you are probably thinking.....CRAZY woman, winter has lasted YEARS...:) We haven't had much winter here so it feels like time has flown.

But, here we are - full fledged into February! Ah! February - the month of love....
A few weeks ago my Freebielicious friends and I were talking about how much teaching has changed just over the last decade! It really has! Do you remember back in 2005-ish when the only resources we had as teachers on the Internet were "old-timey"websites....oh the graphics were archaic, everything was made in Word, and there were only a handful of pioneer teachers (that I ADORE) that were brave enough to venture into sharing with other teachers on the Internet? I remember having to pull things from ABCTeach, using Mailbox magazine, and making center activities from construction paper and sharpies. Baby - we've come along way from those days!

Today, we use blogs to keep a running dialogue with other teachers. I love getting a chance to peek into other classrooms from all over the world! What better professional development is there than to see what works/doesn't work in other teachers' classrooms? Your admin may not get it, but we do!

And then..... then came TeachersPayTeachers!! And while TPT has been around since 2006, it has grown and changed in many ways! I know for a fact that TPT made me a better teacher. Not because I bought lesson plans......;) It made me a better teacher because it allowed me to have access to an entire library overflowing with wonderful resources to make my classroom instruction more interactive, more real, and more FUN! And, yes learning should be fun and don't ever let anyone tell you different!

There are more reasons I love TPT! 

#1 TPT empowers teachers - we are no longer at the mercy of large publishing companies. We do know what's best for our students. And, we know what's best for teachers too. TPT is my go-to teacher resource. WHY? I'd much rather support another teacher that's been in my position and taught the same grade. Teachers are natural share-ers! We love sharing what we have and what we've learned. I want my money going to a teacher - not a huge company.

#2 TPT makes my life easier and allows me to spend more time with my kids! PERIOD! It really is as simple as that!

#3 Friends! - TpT has also allowed me to meet many amazing....I mean truly amazing teachers all over the world! It has changed my life! Working in a classroom everyday can be alienating at times. But, now I get to chat and collaborate with teachers that live in other states and other countries. How amazing is that? Technology really is changing the classroom and our future!

I really could go ON and ON and ON.....but I have something super exciting that I have to share......

Do you like money???

Do you like TpT?

How about money you can spend on TPT?

I am giving away a $10 TpT gift certificate to show my love and support for TPT!!! This gift certificate will allow you to buy $10 worth of materials from TPT. YOUR CHOICE!

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Once you enter my giveaway, you aren't done because Alessia over at Mrs. Albanese's Kindergarten is sharing the TPT love too. So, now run over and see her!!


  1. I could NOT have said it better! Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and experiences!

  2. Oh geez...I shuddered at the word "Word." I have very few things left in word and I always cringe when I have to go edit!!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!!
    Growing Firsties

    1. hehehe - me too!!! Word is so 2000! :) I'm so used to powerpoint now, I can't make myself to use Word even for things I probably should put in Word.. :)