Learning Letters of the Alphabet Freebie

If you are a kinder teacher right now, you are undoubtedly enveloped with helping your kinders learn the letters of the alphabet. Check out this letter books bundle I made. I even had a book freebie for you too! Click HERE to grab the bundle!

  A Kindergarten Lifestyle   If you would like to see how I use letter books in the classroom, check out this post here.  It's also a freebie. :)   But, as we study each individual letter, I make each student their own letter book for that particular letter. This is such a simple book, but of course that's what we need at the beginning of kinder) also great for pre-k......   So, here is your freebie. It's the Letter B book from my letter books bundle. I hope you like it and can use it with your own class! Click the pictures below to grab your freebie book!

  A KIndergarten Lifestyle
A Kindergarten Lifestyle   Also, I also have the "A" letter book as a freebie as well on my facebook page. If you don't follow my facebook page, you certainly will want to. I offer lots of freebies and offers there. Click here to get there.  There you will see pink and blue tabs. Click the one that says "Fans Only Freebies". If you "like" my facebook page, it will take you to the "A" book. I hope you enjoy this! I LOVE knowing that these things are used in classrooms!!   Oh one more thing! If you are needing any practice sheets for letters and beginning sounds, I have this matching set (It matches the pictures in the letter books bundle).... You can grab this sorting set HERE.

A Kindergarten Lifestyle


  1. Hi, I love your product but when I clicked on the link for the free download it took me to teacherspayteachers and the cost was $6.00. Was it only free for a limited time? Thanks?

  2. Hi Elyse! The letter B book above is free.... Click the picture of the B book. Also, the letter A book is a fan freebie on my facebook page. Go here and click the tab that says, "Fan Only Freebies" - https://www.facebook.com/kindergartenlifestyle

    The whole letter book set is $6.