Handprint Poem Freebie

I first wrote about handprint poems last year, but I did some "spring cleaning" with my Google + account and wound up deleting pictures from this post. So I decided what they HAY -- I'll do a little refresh! It's perfect timing! :)
Today I want to share a darling First Day activity I do with my kinders every year. It's a handprint poem.......sounds familiar, huh?! Well - stay with me because you will love this! I love sending kids home from school the first day with something to share with their parents, as well as, have a keepsake that mom and dad will love to keep!

I buy blank 12-piece puzzles from Compoz-a-Puzzle. For 24 of the puzzles it costs me about $17 with tax and shipping (ah the things silly teachers won't do). Anyways, they are really, good sturdy puzzles so I think they are worth what we get to make using them! :0)

Ok, so here is the handprint I made with my 4 year old Reagan last summer.  I saw the same excitement in his eyes while we were making his handprint that I see from my students each year. They really love it -- especially when they find out they get to take it home.

Now, you are probably thinking -- what??!!!! You really have kindergarteners make handprints the first day of school?  Isn't that time-consuming? Isn't that messy? My answer is NO! I don't pour out globs of paint. Instead I use these:

Washable Paint Ink Pads - I love these things. No mess, and they work great! 

I put out a few ink pads (that are larger than a kinder's hand). I let each child choose their color and press, press, press their hand.... OOooohhh - how hard can you press it? They love when you say that and will press extra hard....

Another great thing about using these ink pads is that the paint dries super quick too - which allows me to send it home the same day!

I place the puzzle in a baggie with the following note attached. It is a FREEBIE! Click HERE to grab your copy.....You gotta read it - it is simply adorable. Trust me - you want a Kleenex handy when you read it.....:0) It was written by Angie Brower Bonthuis from 'I Love Kindergarten'. Thank you Angie for such a beautiful poem. :)

What special thing do you do with your new students at the beginning of the year?

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