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Hello.... I've been doing some thinking lately about what my blog followers know about me. Now before yesterday I thought ....well of course they know's my blog. But after hearing some wise people discuss about it, I became unsure.

So, I want to introduce myself to you all over again!

Hello, my name is Jeannie. I am a 36 year old mom of 6!! (Yes I am crazy - thank you for asking). I taught for 10 years (ending in June). I taught kindergarten, first, and second grade. I really loved each grade, but kindergarten was/is truly my passion. Before becoming a teacher, I went to law school. I always thought I would be a lawyer. However, during law school, I learned that I HATED it. Well, I had changed. I was a mom and it was near the time of 9/11 -- I just wanted to do something more meaningful with my life (something I viewed as more meaningful). I completed law school ( I mean I did move my family clear across the state to go)......but then I took some time after law school to be a SAHM. (I had baby #5 on my last day of law school - within 2 hours of taking my last law school exam).

Back in 2002 being a SAHM mom wasn't very lucrative and I found that I needed to work. I did not want to work in the law field so somehow I got started subbing (I know, ironic, huh)...... I FELL IN LOVE! I loved it! I couldn't imagine ever working anywhere else again! I went back to school to become a teacher and I loved it! By the following year I was a FULL-FLEDGED TEACHER. hahaha -- I taught second grade for 3 years, then I went to 1st grade and taught 2 years, and then finally I landed in kindergarten for 5 years. (During this time I was working on my Master's in Reading so it as my intent to go down in grades to work with students at the cusp of reading.) In 2008, I received my M.Ed in Reading. I have certifications as a Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher. I also am certified to teach ESL and SPED as well.

FLASH FORWARD to 2012: We got formal diagnosis that my 11 year old son (who is going into 6th grade) has multiple learning disabilities. I had pleaded with the school district since he was in 2nd grade to test him. They kept telling me everything was fine, he was progressing. But I knew something was wrong. You know, a mom just knows.... Now Jaden can learn and his IQ is perfectly normal, yet he struggles severely in school and this really works on his self-esteem. What gives? Well,we finally took him to a wonderful hospital called Scottish Rite. He was tested by medical doctors and they discovered that he not only had ADHD (we knew that), he also had learning disabilities in reading, math, and writing. Talk about the cards stacked against you?

By 2013, I made the decision to homeschool Jaden. Since I will homeschool Jaden, it's the perfect opportunity for me to homeschool Reagan (my 5 year old going into kindergarten) too. I mean - I got the kindergarten part DOWN! Now, 6th grade?? uummm......

So let me introduce you to the whole crew so in case I mention them (I will), you will know who I am talking about....

First there is my oldest -- ggrrrr 16 year old William
He's the moody teenage boy. :)

Then comes 14 year old Caleb

He's the one that is girl crazy.

Next is the only girl, Bailey (meaner than all 5 brothers put together)
She's the diva....but more like a WWE diva cause she is MEAN!

Jaden, my 11 year old comes next

He is the BIG helper. He's kind of split - (too young to be a "big kid", but too big to be a "little kid).....

Then Jordan is 10 year old

Jordan and Reagan are best of friends. It's hard to find a photo of Jordan that Reagan isn't in. They are 4 1/2 years apart but literally are best buds!

Bringing up the rear and the END OF THE LINE (if you know what I mean) is Reagan

He's the king of the house.....and if you ask him - the king of the world!

And here are just a couple of my favorite pics from this last week!

So, I hope you now know a little more about me! I invite you in to what I have to offer teaching-wise and other-wise! :)

Now - Do you have any questions for me? Any comments? Please include them below and I will be sure to answer them.....:)

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