Back to School Forms FREEBIE pack

Ahhhhh - the Paper Monster!!!!

The one thing that makes my skin crawl the most with the whole Back-to-School rush is...........FORMS.....yep! All the paperwork just kills me. I totally despise it! Yes, it is necessary - we have to know so much about the children we are going to be entrusted with.....

For years I've had the plainest forms for parents to complete.....never in the same place and it's a pain trying to gather them all up and get them ready to give to parents. I'd always forget to include some of the forms, so I'd have to send out extra forms after school started. So, I decided to make this set of BACK TO SCHOOL forms.....and while I was putting them in one place, I also decided to make them all cutesy! :0) It makes my teacher soul smile! And just so you know, even though these forms are colored, they still look perfect when printed black and white.

I am giving these forms to you as a FREEBIE! I hope you like them :0) Grab here!

This pack includes:

1. How We Go Home Form - this is a great place to have parents let you know how their child will go home on the first day and AFTER the first day. This relieves my fears of not knowing how a child is to go home (something you don't need to worry about especially the first day of school). You can read more about this form HERE.

2. Parent Checklist - this is a handy page where you can write down exactly what you need parents to do before they leave. I usually place this under my Elmo projector or simply display it on my Promethean. Parents can check to make sure they've done everything I've asked. I use it for Meet the Teacher night and the first day of school. I like putting it on the big board - it's harder to miss that way! :)

(It's blank because you add your own items there.)

3. Parent Conference Sheet - this is the *GEM* of this pack. Have parents fill out just the top portion of the page. This is my documentation tool! .... and parents get it ready for me! When I conference with a parent or speak to them on the phone about anything concerning their child, I document the meeting/conversation. This is great because I have all the phone numbers and who I can and cannot speak to about the child at my fingertips. I can document right then. Less steps = super convenient! 

(I provided a back page as well for more documentation room. I like to print them front and back. Unless I need to have many meetings about a particular child, it's the only documentation page I'll need all year!)

4. Volunteer Wanted Sheet - this page is a great way to ask parents for help (or give those extra ambitious parents a way to help :) It even gives parents some ideas they can do to help both at home and at school.

5. Help Me Know Your Child Sheet - no one knows a child better than the child's parents. I love getting parents to complete this sheet. I can learn so much about my students with this. It also helps me get to know the parents too. I learn how they see their child and what their hopes are for their child.

6. Emergency Information Half-Sheet - This is the *MUST FILL OUT* sheet! I do not let parents leave until I have this completed preferably at Meet the Teacher night before school starts. All the other forms can be taken home and completed. But, this one I gotta have! 

7. Visitor Sign-In Sheet - this is just a nice sign-in sheet you can use if you like. I teach at a Title 1 school so we can to document parent participation.

Ok, so that's the pack! I hope you like it and I hope you can use it. I know it's been such a life-saver for me!

How do you TAME the Back to School Paper Monster? :)

Please tell us in the comments below. 

***Up until today I was having problems with my comments (crazy Google).... anyways - they are now fixed! So, if you left a question for me in the comments - I'm so sorry I didn't see it! But good news, it's all fixed now!!***

More Parent Communication??
Have you seen my "Editable" Monthly-themed Newsletters?
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Parent newsletter was always one of those things that I loved doing, but dreaded doing. Does that make sense? I wanted to communicate with parents and let them know about our week or month ahead, but I wanted EASY! 
This set is streamlined (with 4 options to choose from in both Word and Powerpoint)... there are 12 months included to add a festive flair to your parent communication. 

Simply type in the header you need and the info you want parents to have. They are in color, but I promise they print beautifully in black and white (that's the way I used them and sent them home).

Grab the newsletters HERE!


  1. They look great!

  2. I actually had your "How We Go Home" form last year, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!!! I love the idea of projecting on the whiteboard what is needed from parents BEFORE THEY LEAVE! It gets rather chaotic, because we have an hour-long "meet and greet" the Friday before school starts, during which time parents may drop in at any time between the assigned hour. So, it's difficult to ensure each parent has completed all the paper work (namely HOW YOUR CHILD GOES HOME THE FIRST DAY--what nightmares I've had worrying I'd send a kiddo to the wrong place!). THANK you so much for this amazing pack. You have some excellent resources (of which I'm a proud owner!). Your talent and generosity is truly appreciated!

  3. Awesome! Love the documentation "gem".

  4. I also hate the beginning of the year paper work!! I will definitely use this in my first grade classroom this yer! I love the volunteers wanted sheet! We struggle with parent participation at our school so ANYTHING we can do it encourage parents to be active members of the school community is excellent!

  5. Thank you for this. I am a new teacher who hasn't received a classroom yet but I'm still terrified of the first days of school. These papers will definitely help make those first days much easier.

  6. Thank you! Nice to have everything all in one place. :)

  7. I will definitely use these in my classroom this year! Paper work is probably my least favorite part of teaching! I really like the page that encourages parent volunteers! We struggle to find ways to increase parent involvement at our school and I am always looking for another way to get parents into our room! Thank you!

  8. Mrs. Partin- thanks so much for these forms! I'm sure you would prob want to know and it was just most likely overlooked, but on the Volunteers Needed page, I think the word 'trips' was left off where it says they can help chaperone field ........ I know it can be written in, but I thought you may want to know. Thanks again!

  9. Thanks for giving this out! I have a few of those type of pages that I send out also... The emergency contact stuff the school office handles when they register and throughout the year if they need updates. I am going to pass this along to one of our brand new kinder teacher!

  10. Jeannie,
    This is really funny that I had to look up your first name. I feel like we are old friends because I follow you so closely. Thank you for this great packet. I decided what to do with a piece of it, especially since everything is documentation. You are awesome.

  11. Thanks so much for the freebie! It looks great, very useful! I need to get busy with my meet the teacher items and this is going to help me out. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

  12. Thank you so much for the freebie. It looks great. I can't wait to put it to good use. :)

  13. Okay your communication tracker page is exactly what I'm looking for! Perfect!! Thank you!!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning