Behavior Log

One piece of documentation I HATE keeping track of as a teacher is student behavior. It's a time-consuming daily routine that I'd personally rather not deal with. I mean....I got kids to teach. I know parents like knowing how their child behaved at school and I totally appreciate that...and I want my parents to know. (Of course it seems like the parents that actually check the behavior log nightly are the same ones whose children behave and the other ones have never even seen a behavior log (rolling my eyes).....

I use a pretty standard clip chart that I first learned about from Clutterfree Classrooms HERE a couple years ago. 
I LOVE it -- it really motivates those kiddos that are constantly doing the right thing just as much as those that don't. 

Basically, kids start each day on green "Ready to Learn" and if they end the day there - Great!! But, wait for the magical part..... Kids can clip up or "climb the colors" as I call it by going above and beyond what is expected. If a child cleans up extra well or is following directions when others aren't, or any other reason -- just having a great day - - you can have him/her "climb the colors"! :0) It is super simple and that is the beauty with the system! It's easy for the kids to understand, easy to use, and self-motivating!

Like I said - I've used it for a couple years now - and I'm sold -- LOVE IT!
So, right before school began I was searching for a simple, yet cute behavior sheet (yes it's the kinder teacher in me that craves cute-ness). My friend Michelle from Apples and ABC's was just the sweetest and gave me her A-Dor-Able behavior sheet. It is a weekly behavior sheet that I tweaked just to fit my own classroom better. I threw in some cute alligators and added a parent explanation on back. Thanks Michelle!!

Here is my behavior sheet that is working perfectly for me this's a combination of what Michelle shared with me and my own twist. :0) 

                                                CLICK HERE TO GRAB!
I love this behavior sheet because my students actually do their own behavior sheet (with lots of modeling and supervision near the beginning:0) The only time I have to do anything with the behavior sheet is when a child falls below green. Then I accompany it with a note to mom and dad. I love how it helps teach responsibility of completing the sheet AND helps children take ownership for their behavior. They feel so good when they "climb the colors"!

QUESTION: What kind of behavior log do you send home to parents?


  1. That cute. I have a red yellow green chart and students color an icon on their calendar to match the color they were on. The calendar is kept in their binder.

  2. I just love this idea!!! I have sort of been forced into using the "traffic light" at my school - and it's been working for most, but the part i strongly dislike is that my kiddos that stay on green ALL DAY just stay on green. I don't get to really praise them as much as they deserve. I was having trouble figuring out exactly how to raise them up - and this is awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

    As for parent tracking - I have a calendar right now that we mark (sticker for green, Y for yellow, R for red)....I will have to change it if I "climb the colors"!

  3. Oh Marissa - I gotta tell you this is superb for motivating ALL students....They love seeing how high they can go. If you come into my room you will see the majority of the kids are high on the chart....I positively reward kids that follow directions and that really motivators my little turkeys!!

  4. I put a calendar for the whole month in their chart. There is a small square within the larger square to color. At the end of each day we take a few minutes and they color it themselves and then parents initial at night. Yours is very cute, but I don't have enough copies to do something different every week, so the monthly calendar fits our room a little better. I was pretty sure I was going to get grey hair in the beginning trying to teach them to color the chart, but they had it under control after about a week :)

  5. I use a clip chart similar to yours that I found on another blog and it uses animals! My behavior chart has the animals in a table and the students color the animal they ended on!

    I have to agree that I love the clip chart system! I love how motivating it is and we don't even need a treasure box!!! :0)

  6. I started using a similar behavior clip chart this year and I LOVE it! I also offer punches on a punch card to go along with it. I used to use the stop light chart but I will never go back. :)

  7. I am really excited to give it a shot! going to start in november since we already have a calendar going - and I told your idea to one of my "green girls" - her eyes just lit up with the idea of actually getting to move her name someplace!
    Do you give out some type of reward at the end of the week for friends that had "good-outstanding days" five in a row or at the end of the month?

    Mrs. Payton - thanks for the coloring your calendar idea - I think I"ll do that since we are on copy restrictions as well! :)

  8. I like having the weekly behavior sheet as I use it to reinforce days of the week and parents seem to pay more attention to it....just my experience.

    I don't really have a "reward". When they make it to pink they get a tiny star sticker to put on their clip, which everyone sees. When they make it to pink 3 times they take that clip home to brag to parents and get a new clip and color it the next color up (using ROY G BIV). They love seeing who has a green clip or blue clip -- it means they go to pink alot!

  9. I moved to this chart too and I am loving it! I see my students changing their behaviors to move up instead of letting a mistake keep them down for the remainder of the day.
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  10. Jeannie, thank you for that explanation of the "reward" system - I will be investing in clothespins it seems! Hahah I like the idea and we aren't really giving them a bunch of stuff they don't really need :)
    I was sharing the idea with a colleague today (she said she might try it too!) but she was wondering if you let them move up AND down through out the day....for example right now, she is of the mindset - once you are on red you can't get out - I am someone who gives my kids a chance to redeem their day and get out of red.....are they set on reflecting or do they have the opportunity to "climb the colors" once more that day?
    Thanks again for all your explanations - I really appreciate them as a new teacher who has no idea what she's doing! Hahaha :)

  11. I started using the clip chart this year and I love it. I have a monthly calendar and I put the appropriate colored smilie face on each day. Great blog!
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