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Music is as synonymous with a kindergarten classroom as peanut butter is with jelly. I've yet to find a kinder teacher who doesn't LOVE music and understand the true power of getting kids up and dancing and singing!

When an older grade teacher asks me how I do it- how I teach kinder (which happens remarkably often), I always respond with, "Music along with lots of singing and dancing is the key!" I love it - it keeps me young and makes going to work everyday FUN!

I consider finding new songs/videos treasure.......I am seriously giddy when I find a new discovery! So, I thought I'd share a few of my kiddos' favorite songs. The following songs/videos are on youtube. Here are a few really good transition songs and activities - perfect for when other children are getting a drink or putting things away or the group just needs a stretch.

Jorgeembon is the channel where these songs are found on youtube. I love each of these songs (and my kiddos do too).....but they have over 380 video songs on youtube including English and Spanish versions. 


Bummer it won't let me embed this, but I'll share the link to it anyways!

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

HaveFunTeaching is another youtube channel that I adore. They have fantastic learning videos in lots of areas. Here is the alphabet song....but they also have individual letter videos too!


Sight Words --

Counting --

These are just a few of the song/videos we play everyday. It just helps make learning fun and engaging!

Oh and just one more! Here is our latest favorite!!!

Do you have any songs/videos on youtube you LOVE using? Please share!!


  1. Sadly, we can't access YouTube at school. Our district's security settings block it. I am able to use the Have Fun Teaching videos through school tube. I'm going to look for some of these on there--hopefully I can find them! My kids BEG for songs and videos!

  2. here's a great one for color words. After just a week, about 90% of my kids can spell blue, red, and purple :) they LOVE these, and once you open the first one, the others usually pop up in the right margin.

  3. Lisa, I haven't actually tried it, but a turn to learn posted a tutorial on how to download youtube vids to your hard drive (like your home computer, then maybe you could save them to a jump drive and use at school). here's the link. I have a Mac and didn't have one of the plug-ins, but I've heard this works (we have youtube blocked on our computers, too). good luck!

  4. Bummer - we do use youtube....I really appreciate that my school allows us to use technology. In fact we can use get to our pins (not to pin)......

    Also havefunteaching sells Dvd's -- the youtube videos are really just advertisements - I have bought from both havefunteaching and jorgeembon. LOVE THEM!!

  5. Aaahhhh Raevers!!! I didn't know the FrogStreet color songs were on there - Woo-hoo!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing!!! We love all of the sight words/letter songs (from Have Fun Teaching) So thankful we get to use youtube! For songs and videos such as The Magic School Bus :) Today we tried out Storybots and my kiddos loved it!!
    Michelle :)
    Kindergarten Stars

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  8. LOVE all of the Have Fun Teaching videos!!! Right now my kids are loving the count to 100 song/chant.
    They ask to do it several times a day!!!!

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

  9. This would be great materials for my homeschool preschool.

  10. These are some great videos! Thanks for sharing. I have an Activboard and use lots of youtube videos to introduce topics and get kids moving. If you can't access youtube at school you can download DVDvideosoft for free, which allows you to download the video and save it to your computer (at home usually) then take it to school on a zip drive.

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