Story From the Great Beyond.....

Today was my first day back in my classroom since May 31st when summer began (ok well teachers were there on June 1st....but I really like the sound of saying that summer began on May 31st - doesn't usually happen here in Texas anymore....) .

Teachers don't have to be back until August 20th with kids starting August 27th. Still, my dad is having surgery in a couple weeks (right before school starts) so I know I won't be able to be in there when I really need to be. So, in I went to get a jump start on things....... To make everything a tad more interesting, summer school is going on and guess where kindergarten summer school is happening?  You guessed it - MY ROOM!

I totally forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before I began working. But since my friend already moved things around for summer school it doesn't really matter.

I have to tell ya I'm not really big on classroom themes (ok stop throwing the daggers you crazy kinder teachers)...... Perhaps I am the last kinder teacher without a classroom theme, but I finally decided on an ocean theme.

I acquired this gorgeous circle carpet from a teacher friend last year that looks like a big ocean.... I love this carpet and it inspired me!

(How stinkin' cute is this carpet of mine??? I really love it!)

So, the carpet sparked my interest in going with an ocean theme.....

Then, I visited the classroom of a teacher-friend and fell in love with her "blue-world".

(Ok so this isn't a good picture and of course I deleted the others, but this is the room that helped me fall in love with BLUE....:0)

So, back to my room today...........It's not nearly done - I literally have only spent 7 hours in it working (with 3 of my kids and a half-way cooperative husband), but here are some pics of MY blue world>>>>>>>.

Now, because it isn't done - please pretend like you don't see the bright yellow bulletin board is the smack middle of my blue's not really there..... Ok, so it is there, but won't be for long. I bought this incredible blue, sparkly cloth for my word wall and the little board beside the promethean.... I can't wait to get it up!

More pics to follow ........:0)

So......what do you think?
What "theme" do you use in your classroom?


  1. I love the carpet and the blue!! Years ago in the 90's, I attended a workshop on behavior management. The presenter told us that blue had a calming effect on students. A colleague of mine taped blue tissue paper under the lights to create a blue haze. It looks like you are doing something similar! We start school on 8/27 as well. Yikes! I pray everything goes well with your father. Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

  2. I thought I was the last kindergarten teacher without a theme! I went with bright dots this year after feeling the pressure to have a theme. I've been eyeing the bright bins on Really Good Stuff for a while so I took the plunge and ran with it. I am loving the bright colors, but we'll see once the kids are there. We go back August 20 (kids on the 22).

  3. Thank goodness for family! I see you have a huge wall to decorate too! I blogged about my classroom disaster the other day but it will get done! I like the blue you chose! It's calming but fun at the same time! I'm going with black and white and brights in my new room!

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    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. Your blue looks great! I don't usually have a theme either. My daughter is helping me with my room this year and she's really pushing for a theme so we'll see...
    I might try the color blue to see if it really does have a calming effect. After last year, I'll try anything!
    Have a great year. I'm in Texas so we all have the same start date, but our in-service starts earlier on Friday, the 17th.

  5. You are not the only one without a theme! I'm one of those theme-less kinder teachers! I love your blue room and the ocean carpet. I can't wait to see the rest. I start back to school on the 20th too (Texas teacher), so I need to get moving on my classroom! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. We don't have classroom themes for the year because we do thematic units and they might clash. This year we're starting a new projects based program with 6 units. Your blue is perfect though because it can go with anything. Love the carpet. I have a real photo sea border that I like to hang each year that I find calming. It is always great to have colors in the room that you like because you set the tone. :) Jenn