Color Mixing

I am so excited to share with you an awesome, wonderful activity all about colors!
We read the book...
{Click the picture to take you to Amazon to look. GREAT prices.}
I talk with my students about how I read about things in books like mixing colors, but sometimes I think it is more fun to try them myself. My kids in school agree. Then I ask them if they want to create colors like White Rabbit does in this book. They, of course, agree again!

So, we DO the science experiment with colors from the book... 
but we use cookies and frosting.
I get three cans of cheap frosting and food coloring. 
{I made a boo boo and got the frosting without BoxTops, which I normally don't do.}
I also buy three packages of the break and make sugar cookies in the cold section of the grocery store. Each package has 24 cookies in it. I need each student to get 3 cookies, so it works well. 
{And they do have BoxTops on the cookies.}

Then, we pass out the plates that are prepped for each child and a plate for me.
{See the middle picture above.}
Each plate need a blob of each color frosting, three small white cookies,
and something to mix the colors with like a plastic knife or even a Popsicle stick.

Next, I explain that the each child WILL GET TO EAT everything on their plate... but they have to follow all the directions first.  I show them that they have three primary colors on their plates, just like the rabbit had the three primary colors of paint. Each cookie will be a white rabbit.

Now, re-read the book to the class while they DO the experiment with their food. When the white rabbit {cookie} dips into red, put some red frosting on your cookie. Then the rabbit goes into the blue paint. You add the blue paint. Then you mix red and blue together to make purple.
{When you mix the red and blue frosting, it does make purple!}
When the White Rabbit takes a bath in the book, you lick the plastic knife, Popsicle stick, or what ever else you have on each plate.  Repeat this while reading the book out loud to create each secondary color. You will create purple, green, and orange.

Lastly, the White Rabbit can not take a shower, but mixes all three colors together to make brown. I let my students create these color on their plates, not a cookie.

Once we are done creating, we eat!
 I made FREEBIE labels to send home to let parents know what to ask their children about.
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Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


  1. Thanks for allowing me to guest blog for you Jeannie!

    Sharing Kindergarten

  2. Mary - such a fun way to teach colors and color mixing!! Thank you for posting!! I'll be using this a the next couple weeks :0)