Spring Addition/Subtraction Freebie

Ok, so I'm technically breaking a Blogging 101 rule - NO DOUBLE POSTING!!! Yes.... actually this is my 2nd post today but trust me when you see this FREEBIE by Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom you will forgive me. :0) 

If you are like me.....and are in the "End of Year Crunch" - you need something academic yet fun to keep your kiddos brains busy.....Well, check this out!!

 You can download it for free by clicking on one of the images.

I downloaded my own and my kinder kids LOVED LOVED LOVED them. I used them for morning work and the kids didn't want to put them away! Now, that's the kind of work I like giving!

In fact, if you like the addition ones above - just check it out - Tessa was super sweet and made matching subtraction ones too! Now that is sure to keep your little ones busy over these last exhausting days at school! CLICK HERE TO GET THE SUBTRACTION SET

 If you like these FREEBIES - please make your way over to Tessa's blog.... She is super talented and I always find the greatest stuff over there at Tales from Outside the Classroom - she's definitely on my FAVS list!

Tessa Maguire is a former reading teacher and differentiated instruction coach.  She currently is in a dual role administration and curriculum coaching position. She spends her days helping her K-3 teachers find what works best for them and their students. She blogs about the resources she finds and creates and she shares tips and strategies for effective instruction.  You can find out more information on her blog Tales from Outside the Classroom http://talesfromoutsidetheclassroom.blogspot.com


  1. Thanks for sharing Tessa's addition color by number! It is perfect for math review!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Lisa - it really is...... and it's so nice to be able to hand this to the kids.....They love it! I literally was prying them out of their hands :0)

  3. I've broken the double posting rule once or twice myself (shhh...don't tell) but I agree this is for something good. =) Thanks for sharing this!

    P.S....love your new blog design!
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  4. Addition and subtraction is a very important topic of mathematics as it is the base of whole subject.It is the primary manipulation which a student should know to excel in the subject.