An Eventful Day!!

I was going through pictures....because seriously I feel like I need Hoarders to come out and give me an intervention for taking photos..... I don't hoard physical things, but I am totally addicted to taking pictures.  I take like 300+ photos a week! Anyways, as I was clearing out the photos from my Iphone I came across these snapshots.... Can you guess what it shows?? Any guesses??

A couple of Tuesdays ago we were busy learning -- just minding our own fact we were in the middle of center time and my principal came over the intercom to say that everyone in the portables would be coming into the building because of potential bad weather....but that we should just go about our normal day. Well.... no doubt that signaled every teacher in the building to pick up their phones and check weather. Sure enough - there was a tornado about 5 miles away......

Within a few minutes tornadoes began popping up everywhere (16 official tornados that day - most in Texas' recorded history). We were all instructed to go into the halls and get into "duck and cover" position. These photos were taken nearly 1 1/2 hours later!! (Now before anyone says this is not "duck and cover") but our 5 and 6 year olds had sat in "duck and cover" for so long they were in tears. They hurt!!! Their legs were numb and they couldn't bear it any longer (poor things). So, we began rotating "duck and cover" with laying flat (still with heads covered). We didn't know what to do so we did what we had to in this awful situation. The lucky ones fell asleep or were dismissed early (we had parents swamping the office).....The unlucky ones we're stuck with us face down for the afternoon. Thankfully we all went home safely!

There were entire neighborhoods destroyed that day, but no deaths. It was amazing! Authorities say the reason there were no deaths in all those destroyed neighborhoods was because kids were at school and parents were at work...... Thank GOD!!!

It was an exhausting day!!! It was a day I will never forget!


  1. We had a day like this last year and it was awful! It got so hot and stuffy that kids were sick, some of them didn't even get lunch so we had to sneak snacks to them. Glad that everyone was alright around you!


  2. So glad all are safe. I'd be crying too along with your poor students :) Take care!
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  3. Wow! What an amazing story! I bet that will be one thing they always remember from kindergarten. Thank God you were all protected!

  4. Thats crazy. I'm glad no one was killed. I hope these families find the strength to pick up and re-start their lives.

  5. Wow, that is awful that they had to stay in that position so long! Glad all is well!
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  6. Wow..I'm so glad there were no deaths - that's truly a miracle!

    And oh my goodness...I cannot even imagine having to be in "duck and cover" with kids for hours. Our tornado shelter area is our classroom bathroom and that's unbearable enough for ten minutes during a drill!!


  7. oh my gosh!Where do you teach? I'm in arlington at West. That was a hard afternoon! We had a prek class and my kinder class all in a first grade classroom (bc our kinder and prek classes have glass wall/windows). We had our kids sit up after a while. They told us we could sit up for a bit when one tornado passed, then another would pop up and we'd go into duck and cover again. ugh. they even released us to go back to our classrooms after an hour or so...then 10 mintues later, called us BACK into duck and cover (so we had to go back to the first grade classroom). there were 6 teachers in the room (3 teachers, 2 aides and a student teacher) and we were all on the computers of course. the prek teacher was getting texts from her high school duaghter that they made the entire school (3000ish kids) all pile into the bottom floor rooms. yikes! it is truly a miracle nobody got hurt during all those 16 tornados! The one that hit St. Barnabas church was super scary bc two of my coworkers' kids were at the daycare class there...and it's truly a miracle NONE of those kids or teachers were hurt, bc it *only* hit the sanctuary. Thank God! Those kids were FEET from a tornado!!!!