Sight Word Videos

A few months back I found these fantastic sight word videos on youtube. They are from a company called HaveFunTeaching. HaveFunTeaching also has fantastic letter videos as well. You can check those out here.

I was so happy when I discovered HaveFunTeaching also makes great sight word videos. These sight word videos are absolutely wonderful!!The kids love them and the beat of the videos really stick with the kiddos! So, in case you haven't stumbled upon them - here they are.

There are lots more, but I wanted to give you a little taste of how great they really are!!

Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Thanks Jennifer! I know my kids love them. I learned about the alphabet videos from Michelle at KinderFun......and then later founds these great sight words videos. Kids LOVE them and so do I! People will pass by my room in the mornings with me dancing to the beat :-)

  2. Please help! Love the videos, but can not access youtube at school. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  3. Awesome! My daughter Rachel will love these.

  4. I LOVE Have Fun Teaching. Well, really, it's a love/hate relationship. I love that the letter videos work so well with my Kindergarten ESOL students--they can't stop singing them! But I hate that the tune gets stuck in my head so badly. Oh,'s worth it to hear all of my littles learning their letter sounds! :]


  5. That's cool! I didn't know they made videos! Thanks for sharing :)
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  6. Hey...thank you so much for posting about the Have Fun Teaching Sight Word Videos and Sight Word Songs!!! Your Blog ROCKS!!!