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100th Day and Freebie certificates!!

Welcome to the 100th day of school! My kids arrived to our door all decked out to begin our special "celebration" day! You could literally see their faces light up. I just LOVE the 100th day of school!

Look at this next doorway!! I'd love to claim that it was my idea....but a couple of my teammates' doors meet together and they put this adorable doorway together. The top banner is from a rock start theme our school did a couple years ago. The kids walked through like they were Super Stars! It really stood out!

 And another teammate's door (I love her 100 sign:0)

And as they entered the classroom, this is what they saw. You should have seen their faces.... My favorite 100th day activity is the 100 balloon pop - it's a great activity because:
*It's fun
*It's also a great way for kids to see exactly how many 100 is.

And the party ensued! :0)

After the balloon pop, we did our calendar and "discovered" that we were at the 100th day of school! (Of course the kids knew, but they wanted to make sure I knew :0) Zero the Hero left a note that told us we had a surprise waiting for us in 100 steps from our classroom door so.....of course we had to go check it out! We all took turns in laying down the paper feet so we could measure exactly 100 feet.

Wow! And this isn' t the whole 100 feet....Pretty amazing!
I got so excited I forgot to take a picture of our surprise. It was Zero the Hero and Zerona in a basket with our 100th day certificates, bookmarks, and stickers! Dog-gone my forgetful brain! I wished I had a picture to share :0( The certificates are the same ones as the FREEBIE at the bottom of this post!

 What's the 100th day without a 100th day crown?! I got these last year at Target in the dollar section...super easy and the kids thought they were in heaven using markers to color them (we aren't allowed to do that often :0) To me it was TONS easier than doing the "silly groups of 10 hats" we've done in the past. Plus, we did lots of other "groups of 10 counting".

 Next came the fruit loop necklaces - another 100th day staple! Kids string groups of 10 fruit loops to make a necklace that has 100 fruit loops. Counting groups of 10 is WAY easier to keep up with than trying to remember what number you are on. They did super well! Some made their necklaces with color patterns - and some did it willy nilly :0) Note to self: DO NOT use yarn....ugghhh!! !Why do I always forget that? It frays and never winds up working well. Luckily I had some fishing line that worked perfectly!

The finished product! The kids were so cute....They went to writer's workshop as soon as they were finished with their necklaces. I'd look over at kids writing all over the place with their necklaces hanging out of their mouths munching. :0) So sweet!.....Ok kind of icky, but totally cute!

Here is the trail mix that we made. We had 10 different snacks to make our trail mix:
*Fruit Loops (yep more fruit loops :0)
*Coco Puffs
*mini Hershey's
*Goldfish crackers
*gummy bears
*animal crackers
*pretzel sticks

Kids got to count out 10 of each snack - for a total of 100! They had such a ball you would never have guessed they were doing math work! :0)

Oh, and we also made the 100th day flags from my Hooray for 100 Days pack. If you are looking for a 100th day pack - I'd love for you to take a look at mine! It is packed with ideas, templates, certificates, badges, and much!

Grab this 100th Day pack HERE!

Oh and here's a little freebie for ya! It's my 100th day certificates:
Click HERE to grab this freebie!


  1. Your 100th day looked so fun! SO many cute ideas that I will have to use next year!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. How fun! Your school looks like the teachers and students have a great time..unfortunately I know that balloon pop would not fly at mine...We'd get yelled out for the loud noises and "riling" the kids up :(


  3. Kimberly Ann - you'd be surprised! I warn the other teachers around so they wouldn't think it was gunshots.....but afterward they said they didn't really hear anything....and as far as the kids -- they were WONDERFUL! We had to stop during announcements. I told everyone to grab a balloon and hold it by their side. They had no problem following those directions. They knew if they ran or hurt someone else, they would be sitting. No problems at ALL!

  4. We just had our 100th day too! Thanks for sharing your cute pics! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  5. Love all your ideas! We are doing hundred day tomorrow- next year I will have to do some of your great ideas. We do not do a balloon pop but we do a "count up" to 100 and do a balloon release. Our balloons have our school address on it and what we are doing asking any who find to write us. Each year we get letters from people and then we map it! We also do tons of counting centers! 100 day is a favorite!

  6. Very cute ideas. I purchased those same exact 100 Day crowns from Target last year and picked up a couple of packs then for this year, I didn't see any this year. Boo! It's always nice to read how other teachers use some of the same ideas and activities that we have been using throughout the years. Those are good pictures. Thanks for the freebie.