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PBIS and Other Behavior Management Freebies

Hiya Peeps

Its Shuna P (shun-nuh)

* Please indulge my rambles*

I do that a lot

I try not to

but it doesn't work very well

Don't say that I didn't warn you

This is me : )

My friends call me smiley and sunshine

Are you sitting there like me wondering where the summer went

I go back to school in under a week

While I am very excited to meet my new little kinders

I am not so excited for the first couple of weeks

My sleep pattern is messed up

I have gotten use to not eating at 10:30 am

My feet know nothing but flip flops and slippers

My body is use to going to the bathroom when ever it pleases

I am so not ready!

Ugh I just need a couple more weeks 

Anyhoo this is just wishful thinking

It is futile to resist!

When I started the summer I had all these grand gestures and thoughts of what I would do

Let me tell ya 

I have done 




Now that it is time to go back I now have a sense of urgency


Is anyone else like me?


I can't seem to get my behind into gear unless it is down to the wire

So if you are like me I have a couple of freebies to hopefully help you ease back into the school 


* Let me preface this and say that due to the BTS rush I can not customize any of the freebies*

This post is going to be FREEBIE heavy

but something tells me that you won't mind

Click on each pic to take you to your goodie

There are 15 themes included with each goodie

* jungle/zoo
*sweet treats
*ocean (2 versions)
*super heroes
* robots

All you have to do is find your theme and print that page

The first freebie is for themed voice tracker sheets

The next freebie is a set of PBIS/ Class  rule posters

There are 2 covers povided: Our PBIS Rules and Class Rules

If your school does not use PBIS you can still use this freebie and use the class rules poster

Simply find the set that has your theme and print only the pages you need

Set 1: jungle/zoo, sweet treats, ocean, dinos, space

Set 2: frogs, transportation, camping, pirate and monsters

Set 3: picnic, bugs, super heroes, 50's and robots

Have you seen the name tags from Jen @ Kindertrips?

They are adorable

I love the idea of have a visual of where each child goes during those hectic first weeks of school

These are Jen's cute tags

I love them but I needed them to be editable

So I asked her could I make my own and she said yes

I so love this blogging community

I love how everyone is oh so sweet and helpful!

Here is a simple tag that can be used for parent gifts at the beginning of the year!

Just print the tag and attach the the stem of the apple using ribbon or string

Here is a simple beginning of the year center

Here are a few more fabulous freebies to get you on the right track for the new school year

Do you use a clipchart?

Here is a behavior recording sheet for each month of the year

 A Craftivity from the Lovely Hadar @ Miss Kindergarten


I hope that you enjoyed my ramblings!

I would love to have you come over and visit my little slice of the blogging community

If you enjoy the freebies I would love for you to hop on over to my blog and follow me

See you over there

Peace Out Peeps


  1. Thanks for the guest blog and the freebies! I like the PBIS!! I have been following a lot of amazing teachers and bloggers in hopes to have a following too. I have just begun to blog and trying to learn how-to blog like the best.


  2. Thanks for all the goodies! Can you tell me more about your voice tracker posters! I love the idea.

  3. This post had me hysterical laughing! And, thanks for the great freebies and for advertising mine.

    ΡΌ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. Amy

    The voice trackers are displayed and during various activities you tell your students what is the acceptable tone to use during that activity

    For example during centers you might want students to use a whisper voice and during indoor recess you might want them to use a loud voice

  5. Shuna, Thanks so much for helping me out. I love all the goodies today.

  6. Thank you so much . This was an amazing group of freebies.

  7. Amazing post Shuna! You crack me up! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful finds!
    Crayons and Curls

  8. Thanks everyone I am glad that you enjoy the freebies

    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  9. Thank you Jeannie for having Shuna! Shuna you are too funny, girl. Bust a gut reading your post. THanks for all the great Freebies! Love them.


  10. You are awesome!

  11. Shuna you are amazing!! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome goodies!! I always look forward to reading posts from you. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  12. Tammy and Lisa thanks for stopping by!

    Thank you ladies I do try to please

    Have a great school year
    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  13. Great post! Thanks so much for the freebies!


  14. Shuna,
    Thanks for all your freebies! I can totally relate to your blogging about going back to'll take some adjusting! With all these great ideas, it will be a lot easier! Thanks for all your hard work!

  15. Thanks for all the wonderful freebies_ I can so relate to thinking about the beginning of school- I still have a couple of weeks before I return to the classroom as school does not end until the end of June here in Western Canada. I officially return August 30 but I will go in a week or so before... The time does fly by and summer does have a different pace to it. Regards, Anna

  16. These were great!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Question for all: Where do you get your ink to print out everything? Does your school provide it or do you pay for ut personally?


  17. Thank you for all the freebies. You're not the only one that feels like they have not done what they set out to do this summer I can relate totally.

  18. Shuna - you are amazing and so is your post! I love the voice tracker and all the other freebies --thanks so, I have more work to do :0)


  19. Heather I buy my own ink of ebay

    Jeannie Thanks for having me!

    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  20. Thanks, Shuna! Always hilarious and so resourceful! You're the best!!!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  21. Super cute and useful too. I enjoyed your post as well. Thanks.