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Sweet Teacher Crafts

Hi everyone!!! This is Tammy from 123 Teach With Me!! I am so excited about this post because it's my first time being a "guest blogger". I'm thrilled to be over here at Kindergarten Lifestyle and so happy that Jeannie is allowing me to take over her blog for the day!! 

This is a special day for me!! It's my last day of school!!! Yippee for me!!! The kids have been out for almost a week but today was the first day off for teachers. We have been busy cleaning our rooms, taking things off the wall, and pushing all of our furniture to one side of the room so the school can get a "makeover" during the summer break.

 I'm going to let you all in on some news that I haven't even posted on my own blog yet....I have decided to become a stay at home mom!!! Yes, I am blessed with a wonderful husband that works really hard and has given me this opportunity to start graduate school (hopefully soon) while being at home with my daughter. My son will be in Pre-K so I'm really excited about spending this time with him during his early school years. So this means that I'm going to be busy teaching my little ones at home every chance I get!! More blogging for me!! YAY!!! I may not be in the school setting anymore but I have 10 years worth of experience to share when it comes to organization, teaching strategies, planning ideas, hands-on activities and so much more!!! I hope you stop over at my blog sometime and check me out!!

I did want to share some adorable gifts some of my fellow teachers received as end of the year presents from their students. 

Is this not the coolest thing!!! They took some crayons, glued them to some canvas, and used a hairdryer to heat up the crayons so it would drip down and create this affect!!! LOVE IT!!

Here the student just took come old crayons.....we all have those laying around.....and glued them to create the beginning letter of this teacher's last name and framed it!!! This is so cute to hang in your classroom!!!

One of my students had cards made with my name on it!! This is an awesome gift for teachers. We write thank you notes all the time.......(Would it be wrong to write a thank you note to the child who gave this to me using these cards)!!

Now this one is really special because this isn't a gift for the teacher, but for the teacher's sweet!!!! Not many parents think about our family at home and how we do juggle so many hats as teachers. So for this parent to think about that is awesome!! She made a "prayer pot". It's filled with sand and has Popsicle sticks in it that have things this teacher's daughter can pray about. There are also blank Popsicle sticks for other ideas to be added......this pot will get filled up quickly:)

And my ALL TIME favorite!!! I got this gift a couple of years ago from a student of mine. I have cherished it because....I love the beach, adored this student, and just thought it was pretty cool....especially that he would think of his teacher while on vacation. He wrote my name in the sand, put the year, framed the picture and decorated it!! This gift probably cost 2 bucks to make but the thoughtfulness of this gift and how it made me feel that day is priceless!!!

Thanks Jeannie for having me and I hope you'll stop and visit me!!! 



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  1. That picture where your student wrote your name in the sand is so cute!! What a neat idea! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Love these ideas Tammy!!!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

  3. I stayed at home for 6 years when my triplets were born-it was hard going from being so busy as a teacher, to not having a strict schedule. I hope you have a great year- my fav. was the business cards- might make some and put them on magnets for my students refrigerators at home.

  4. Great post....and that sand writing pictures just pulled at my heart!! :0)

  5. These are lovely gifts. I'm sad I gave away all my crayons. I need them for crafts now.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  6. One of my parents used the crayons to make an F for my name. She put the grade I was teaching and year on it and framed it also. I love it.

  7. Congrats to you on deciding to be a SAHM!!!I stayed home for a few years when my two youngest were born. I loved, loved it! I missed teaching, but I knew I would miss not sharing my babies'lives 24/7. The prayer pot is so clever! What a great gift idea. I'm also thinking of adapting the idea to add something different to our dinner devotions. I can put Bible verses or references on the sticks. Thank you!
    Teacher Mom of 3