Monday, March 26, 2012

Management Monday

Ok, so I'm running a little behind today with my "Management Monday" post, but I have a really good excuse -- really I do. My kids are slated to take the new Texas state assessment tomorrow - STAAR (yeah we're reaching for the stars here in Texas)........Hopefully you didn't detect the sarcasm there :0) Anyways, we had to get things done extra early and ready to go - so STAAR day goes off without a hitch!

I really could post for DAYS about my distaste of high-stakes testing......but this one is really ridiculous. Students, teachers, and administrators don't know what to expect.... like a stab in the dark. Yes we know the content to be taught....but we all know the format and technicalities can really affect the outcome....

Anyways - that is not what my post is about.....see - I nearly went off about it.....but I'm determined to be good :0)

The important part :0)........

I do want to share with you something wonderful that I adore! I remember the old days back in college when you had that super important assignment due....but you were out of ink at home so you had to print it at school.... Remember?? You had 2 choices ~~ either email it to yourself or pull out the old flashdrive (if you could find it..... don't look at me like that.....I'm not the only one who lost as many flashdrives as I bought).......

I don't have to worry about either one anymore. I use DROPBOX.....I don't remember who let me in one this gem.....but it sure is a lifesaver! And, it's FREE! I don't lose anything anymore and ALWAYS have my files with me :0)

Whatever you need to save....documents, photos, graphics, videos, etc. - you save directly to DROPBOX - and next time you need to access that file --BINGO-- it's there - whatever computer, whatever time, whatever place!! 

Go check it out and see if it fits your needs..... Again - it's FREE!

I am in LOVE!!

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  1. He he he! I am a little behind on my blog stalking this week. I am tickled that you you played Star Wars on the week of the STAAR test. I think all of us TX teachers want to have a war with the STARR. :)


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